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Do you love spending time out in your garden planning new plants, weeding, and making your home beautiful? Gardening can be a very peaceful and rewarding activity. Selecting the right pair of gardening shoes is essential to keep your feet comfortable and protected when you are out working in your garden.

We have reviewed five of the best gardening clogs that are currently available. Read through our reviews to find the option that will best fit your needs and keep you comfy while you enjoy your time in your garden.

Top 5: Gardening Clogs Review

Recommendation #2

Crocs Classic Clog


Sloggers Women's Premium Garden Clog

The Sloggers Women's Premium Garden Clogs are packed with numerous features that make them a great fit for gardening work. The slip-on style will make it easy to put the shoes on and take them off.

The outer covering of the clog is made from a vegan-friendly material that will repel water. This material also makes it easy to quickly rinse the shoes off with your hose after you have finished working in your garden.

The interior of the clog has a moisture-wicking insole to keep your feet comfortable. The insole can be removed for cleaning and set out to air dry.

These shoes are available in sizes 6 through 10 and come in six colors: kiwi, Geisha blue, black, cactus green, deep lake blue, and sangria red.


  • The outer material is water resistant and can be easily cleaned with your hose.
  • The insole is removable for cleaning.
  • There are six color options available.


  • They are not available in half sizes, so you'll have to order up a size if you wear a half size.
Crocs Classic Clog

The Crocs Classic Clog are another trusted option to wear when working in your garden. These shoes are designed to be comfortable worn by both men and women. They are made from a durable and water-resistant material, making them a good option for wearing out in the garden.

Your feet will stay cool when you are working out in your garden on a warm day with this option. They have ventilation ports along the front of the shoe to aid in air circulation. These ports will also help get rid of any water or debris that finds its way into the shoe.

There is a strap you can use to keep your ankle secure, or if you would prefer, the strap can be rotated along the top the shoe to leave an open-back design. You can purchase this shoe in nearly any color you can imagine as there are about 50 different color choices.


  • The ventilation ports help allow air to circulate and keep your feet cool.
  • This clog is designed to be used by both men and women.
  • There are about 50 different color options.


  • The inside of the clog does not have any padding.
Amoji Unisex Garden Clogs

The Amoji Unisex Garden Clogs are designed to be a great shoe to wear when working in your garden or participating in other outdoor activities. They are made from a durable molded-resin material that repels water and won't get damaged if you get them wet.

These clogs also have numerous ventilation ports covering the top of the shoe. These ports aid in air circulation and help water drain out of the shoes. The soles of the shoes have a non-slip grip to prevent you from slipping.

The wider design of this option will provide your foot with plenty of space to stay comfortable when you work in your garden. There are 10 different color options you can choose from: navy, khaki, black, gray, white, army green, pink, purple, red, and light blue.


  • The shoes are made from an environmentally friendly material and do not have any odor.
  • They have a wider design to keep your feet comfortable.
  • The top and sides and the clog have ventilation ports to allow for air flow and water drainage.


  • The soles are on the softer side and may not provide enough protection for walking over sticks and rocks in your garden.
Backdoorshoes Waterproof Premium Garden Shoes

The Backdoorshoes Garden Shoes will bring some style and color to your attire when you are out in your garden. These shoes have a colorful poppy design on a green background, making them a perfect fit for gardening.

The clogs are made using an eco-friendly EVA expanded foam. This material was selected because of its durability and capabilities to absorb shocks. The manufacturer also offers a one-year no-split guarantee with your purchase.

This product is waterproof and lightweight. They have a rubber sole to provide you with traction as you walk in them. The insoles are washable and replacement options are available if they get worn down.


  • A one-year no-split guarantee is provided by the manufacturer.
  • The shoes are lightweight and waterproof.
  • They have a fun poppy design.


  • There is not much support or padding on these, so they may not be comfortable to wear if you are planning to work in your garden for a long time.
AnyWear Women's Zone Clog

As a final option, consider the AnyWear Women's Zone Clog. This clog comes in eight different color options. You can order it in navy, black, white, ciel blue, black/silver pattern, fawn (flowers), haute and wild (pink, black, and orange), or too cute to hoot (owl pattern).

The clogs are made from rubber and have a durable rubber sole. The rubber materials make them waterproof and easy to clean after you get them dirty in the garden.

They have a molded removable insole to provide you with some comfort and padding as you work.


  • There are different color and pattern options to choose from.
  • The rubber design makes these a good option for working in a dirty and muddy garden.
  • You can remove the insole for cleaning.


  • There are no ventilation ports to allow water to escape or help air circulate.

Buying Guide

Finding the right pair of clogs that will keep you comfortable as you work in your garden is important. We've compiled a list of features for you to consider before making a purchase.

One of the most important things you'll want to look for is a waterproof shoe. You don't want to worry about the shoe getting wet when you are watering your plants or walking through mud. A waterproof design also allows for easy cleaning as you can just rinse it off with your hose.

Finding a breathable option with ventilation ports is another good feature to look for. These ports will allow air to get in and circulate, which will keep your feet cool. The ventilation ports will also help water and dirt that finds its way inside the clogs to exit and get away from your feet.

Finally, be sure to consider the support each option provides and their overall comfort. If you'll be wearing them for a while at a time, you want to make sure your feet will be comfortable, otherwise you will not be able to enjoy your time working in your garden.

Best Garden Clogs

We think all five of the gardening clogs we reviewed above would make a great purchase. However, the Sloggers Women's Premium Garden Clogs are our top pick.

Sloggers Women's Premium Garden Clog

The Sloggers design makes them both comfortable and functional for working out in the garden. You'll love the moisture wicking insole that will keep your feet feeling dry evening when you're working in a wet environment. The insole can also be removed after you're done wearing the shoes for easy cleaning.

The exterior of the shoes is made from a water-resistant material that can easily be cleaned up after you get them all muddy. Simply wipe the shoes down with a wet cloth or even rinse them off with your hose.

Plus, since there are six different color options, you'll be able to select a color you enjoy and work out in your garden in style.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of shoes should you wear for gardening?

If you are looking for shoes to wear while gardening, you will want to find something that is water-resistant and easy to clean. It is also important to choose a pair of shoes that are durable and have a non-slip sole. Finally, since you'll be wearing your gardening shoes for long periods of time, be sure to find something that is comfortable and will help your feet feel supported.

Can you use rain boots when gardening?

You can use rainboots for gardening, but you may or may not want to. Think about walking around in your garden and bending/kneeling down to pull weeds or plant new plants. You may not find a boot that goes higher up your leg as comfortable and may prefer to look for a clog-style shoe instead.

What is a gardening clog?

Gardening clogs are slip on shoes worn to work outdoors. They are typically made of rubber, or a rubber-like material, and are available in many colors and patterns from many sellers.

Are gardening clogs waterproof?

Yes. Clogs are made of rubber or rubber-like material, which makes them waterproof. However, they do not cover the entire foot like a boot, meaning that water can get in.

Where do I buy gardening clogs?

Most hardware or gardening stores will have clogs in their supply section, and gardening clogs are also available online. Many shoe brands carry a type of gardening shoe, and there are several brands that carry only outdoor shoes. The most inexpensive clogs will be found at a hardware store or garden store.

Are gardening clogs comfortable?

Most clogs have a softer insole, which makes them comfortable to wear for long periods of time. However, since they do not cover the whole foot like a boot would, they may get wet. They are meant to be a work shoe, and not worn for long walks.

What are the best gardening clogs to buy?

The classic rubber Croc shoe is perfect and easy for gardening. If you want a more waterproof shoe, Sloggers offers a clog with more foot cover in many patterns and colors.

How much should I pay for gardening clogs?

A brand name clog could cost up to 50 US dollars, while a cheaper option could cost 25 US dollars. It all depends on the brand and quality.

Why should I wear garden clogs?

Garden clogs protect your feet from water and dirt while you work in your garden, and are easy to take on and off. They also come in hundreds of colors and patterns, and can be worn around the house.

How long will my garden clogs last me?

Well made clogs will last virtually forever, especially high quality brand name ones.

How should my gardening clogs fit?

Clogs should fit loosely to allow airflow and comfort while you work. Clogs are meant to be a slip on shoe, meaning you should be able to put them on and take them off easily. Clogs are a wider shoe, so if you have narrower feet, socks might help keep from slipping.

How safe are gardening clogs?

Clogs are designed with a non-slip sole to make working in muddy or wet areas easier, so they are quite safe for people who are worried about slipping or falling down. They can be worn indoors and outdoors.

Can I wear socks with my gardening clogs?

That’s up to you. If you plan to wear clogs indoors, socks can be worn with them for warmth, however they are designed to be a slip on shoe that can be worn without socks.

Are gardening clogs the same as wooden clogs?

No. Wooden clogs are traditional Dutch footwear, and are still worn for celebrations, etc., and garden clogs are rubber and worn for outdoor work all over the world.

Can I wear gardening clogs if I don’t garden?

Of course! Many people like clogs because they are easy on, easy off shoes. They are also very durable, and have a non-slip sole, and a lot of people like the different patterns and colors available.

Where are gardening clogs made?

That depends on the company. Some are made in Italy, others in the USA. The website of the company will tell you where your specific clogs were made.

Are garden clogs eco-friendly?

If the clogs are made from synthetic rubber, which is not biodegradable, then they are not very environmentally friendly. However, you can purchase recycled rubber clogs, or biodegradable clogs made of natural rubber.

Final Consideration

The Sloggers Women's Premium Garden Clogs will be your new companion in your garden. You'll love wearing them and the comfort they provide. Choose your favorite color and place your order today!

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