About Garden Peer

Garden Peer - Your resource for all things gardening

We are Passionate about Gardening!

All the best businesses start with something you love. Garden Peer started as a hobby more than anything else. As our flower beds flourished and our vegetables grew, we began to notice other gardening enthusiasts coming to us for ideas, recommendations, and ways to help their own garden’s thrive. From there, we knew we had something special. Not just a place for people learn and grow (pun intended) but a place where all manner of gardener could come together.

Don’t Have a “Green Thumb” Don’t Worry!

If you’re like many of the people we’ve talked to about gardening, you may have shied away from gardening, growing vegetables, or even having plants in your home because of the fear of killing them. But don’t fear! We have the tools and resources you need to be able to successfully keep your plants alive. You should be able to have lush green plants, veggies you grew, and plants you can enjoy year-round.